Recently my husband & I moved to a different city within the state we live in. My husband has attended alcoholics meetings intermittently for quite a few years. The alcoholic’s meetings not only provide great support but it is essential to find the one that will meet your particular needs. If you attend the meetings out of convenience of time or location you will probably not get your needs met. In our new community, we discovered that they had a number of different meeting times during the week. My husband has attended one meeting held on Monday night but noticed that a majority of the people were younger than him at the meeting. Thus, he felt he would not gain the much-needed support from this particular group. After the meeting, he learned from a poster advertised that on Tuesdays a group of men over 50 met at the same location. On attending that meeting he immediately found the understanding and support that he felt in his previous alcoholic meetings in our former community.

You can find several directories that list alcoholics meetings. In addition, there are also a lot of ways of accessing the directories. A good start would be to check your local newspapers, area churches, and visitor information centers for the listings. A number of alcoholics meetings are listed on the websites of cities and communities. Here you can find meeting times, locations, and types of groups. Alcoholics meetings are held in most communities. Alcoholics meetings that take place in larger communities are usually divided into specialty or subgroups, for example, meetings for men, women, smoker’s non-smokers, gays, or lesbians. There are several kinds of subgroups for the alcoholics meetings, so if you have a specific interest area or need, you should be able to find the right meeting. A number of communities also offer alcoholics meetings for adult children of alcoholics as well as for significant others that may be co-dependent. As for smaller communities the groups are tight-knit and closed to newcomers, though most meetings for alcoholics are open for new members at all times. Since alcoholics meetings tend to follow a similar agenda and beliefs it is possible to attend meetings in communities that you are visiting. Often times being away from home either on a holiday or to attend a business meeting may be a time that is not easy for the alcoholic to maintain sobriety, but most likely you will be able to find a meeting that will take place in the community that you find yourself in. Such types of alcoholics meetings are not restricted only to the United States. Alcoholic meetings are held in several countries on a regular basis, so accessing alcoholic meetings when traveling abroad is a viable option. This helps not only in gaining the much-required support whilst traveling but also a great way to establish relationships around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you just started your path to recovery or may have many years of sobriety, attendance at alcoholics meetings is a great way of gaining support, giving support, and developing long term relationships with those that understand what you are going through and want to lend a helping hand.

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