Today internet is the best job employment exchange. Employers post jobs on the internet to find the best talent. There are so many websites that connect job seekers with employers by allowing free job posting for employers as well as free resume set up for job seekers. Online job search is best and common practice to start or change your career

1. Searching job on the Internet? before you go for the actual search, you would need to narrow the search focus as much as possible. For this purpose, you need to identify what exactly would make you happy to have as a career.

In case you are undecided yet, list your strength and experience and this would guide to what should be your career focus. If by any chance what you see is not exactly what you want? do not despair. You could attempt a change in your career by focusing on your aptitude and soft skills.

A word of caution? you need to upload a separate CV for every type of job you are looking for; for example, if you are looking for a job in marketing and HR ? you have to draw up a different resume so that each would have different keywords highlighted in it. Since the employer would search the database by keywords? so pick up the best ones relevant to your skills and the job you aspire

Appearing For the Interview

Once you get the call letter, you are in the second phase of the job acquiring process. Here you need to understand and prepare yourself thoroughly for behavioral interviews, psychometric interviews, technical interviews, and so on. You also need to learn in-depth about the company you are appearing on the job interview for as well as what exactly the job requires of you. Before you appear for the interview you would need to match your skill and strengths as closely as possible to what is required for the job. Also, do some research on the internet about job salary and employment guidelines for similar kind of positions

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